Why “Laugh Lines?”

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Why “Laugh Lines?”


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Why laugh lines?

Why laugh lines? My cousin called me “Hey, Man. If you seriously want to do this, just go out to an open mic and do four jokes.”

“Man,” I said. “I’ve got over 200 pages of material.” (300, He corrected me. I’ve been sending him 3 pages of new material a day for almost a year now.) “How am I going to decide what’s good enough for a crowd?” I asked.

“That’s the whole point of an open mic to verify that your concept of funny connects to an audience.” He said.

And that was my dilemma. As comedians go… I’m a storyteller. As such, it takes me a while to get to the funny. My forte, as one great stand-up comedian said, “Is too often in telling rather long ass jokes.” No-one really wants to sit through ten minutes of little laughs coming in at one a minute. Now, honestly the last 3 minutes of my sets kill but the beginning and middle of them could really use some tightening up.

It seemed everyone who knew me was agreed on one thing when it came to me and my act… I needed to focus upon the “Laugh Lines.”

What are “Laugh Lines?”

A “laugh line” is a line of dialogue intended to cause laughter. A journeyman stand-up comic is expected to deliver at least six good laughs a minute. That averages out to one good laugh every ten seconds. Headliners can get ten good laughs a minute or better! That averages out to a laugh every five to six seconds… At that point a crowds laughter can actually get in the way of a set! Oh, I should only be so lucky to have that as my problem… The audience laughing so hard I don’t get to finish my set!

I grew up in the theater. I went to school for film and video and spent a lot of my time hanging out with computer people. So, when my girlfriend (main squeeze, significant other… etc.) suggested that I do a series of short videos focusing upon just the “laugh lines.” I was intrigued. I had the skills and the equipment to do it. It was certainly something well inside my wheelhouse. Besides, having an inventory of over 300 really short ways of getting a laugh really wouldn’t be such a bad thing. All I really had had to do was confirm my desire and sit down and do the requisite pre-production.

And there you have it… “Laugh Lines” is a short, sweet almost daily show where I attempt to provide an audience with a single, quick, opportunity to enjoy a quick guilt-free laugh. Something that would be safe for work. Something that Government workers could enjoy on their breaks. Something grown children could share with their aged parents. Something that could have been shown on network TV when I was a kid. Something, workers at a law firm might enjoy without worrying if statements made herein were actionable. A throwback to something once known as good clean fun.

It is my hope that you enjoy these “Laugh Lines.”


Ps. The latest episode of “Laugh Lines” can always be found here:

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