Laugh Lines – Happy Birthday Promo

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Laugh Lines – Happy Birthday Promo

Laugh Lines - Happy Birthday Promo

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Happy Birthday, promo. In what could only be described as a thinly veiled, brazen attempt to secure more users to the LP website and increase the world happiness quotient, funny man ‘LP’ has created the following laugh lines humor video to wish people “Happy Birthday” and promote “Laugh Lines.” His latest attempt at becoming infamous. Er… Internet Famous.

The groundbreaking short, sweet show debuted Monday, April 1st, 2019. No. This is not a joke… Although the intent of the show is to deliver one laugh a day to its viewers by sometimes telling jokes.

People who wish to send happy birthday greetings to themselves, friends, family, co-workers or others are invited to share this page.

Those who could use a laugh are invited to visit at the LP Stand-up website and peruse laugh lines humor offerings here:

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