Laugh Lines – LP On Cinco de Mayo

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Laugh Lines – LP On Cinco de Mayo

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Why There’s No Video for May 5th Description:

Growing up in California, there always seemed to be a party attitude when it came to May 5th. (aka. “Cinco de Mayo”) There are reasons… One is that the area used to be part of Mexico and countries tend to celebrate things like winning wars of independence. (Take the USA for example.) And even though Mexican’s are actually celebrating the 1st time they beat their third interloper, the French, at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 – It really did lead to their re-emergence as an independent nation.

Now, I’ve made several attempts to try to come up with something funny to mark this date, that wouldn’t sound or could be taken as racist. (I have friends and family members with proud ties to Mexico.) I couldn’t.

America has a long history of disparaging Mexico and it’s people as being Third World. But I’ve found my own reason to celebrate Mexico’s holiday. Mexico didn’t have to go to war with itself to end slavery within its borders. So, party on, Brothers and Sisters! Party on!

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